Fire & Acoustic

As part of our partnership with Lorient, all of our fire doors have been acoustically tested up to 33dB using their acoustic sealing systems. These doors comply with Part E of the Building Regulations when fitted with the appropriate seals including a drop seal at the threshold.


Features unique curved fins made from flexible elastometric material for performance and durability.
Installed at the head and jambs of single and double leaf doors.

LP1504 FS

Lorient intumescent fire door seals offer the ultimate in fire protection where no smoke sealing is required – or with an additional smoke and acoustic seal such as Batwing®.

LAS8001 SI

Aluminium based drop seal for acoustic, smoke and energy containment. Features a high efficiency mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened.
Fitted onto single swing doors, for use on both right and left-handed doors.